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The virtual nature of translation makes it inherently "green." But there are other things we do in our workplace to go the extra mile.

  • Our office is in our home; with no commute there are no tailpipe emissions, and we don't need an expensive wardrobe to impress our office mates or conform to a corporate dress policy (fewer resources consumed to manufacture and transport garments).
  • 100% of our electricity is purchased through our local utility's green power program.
  • Lighting: Southern-oriented windows let in plenty of natural light, and when artificial lighting is used, it comes from fixtures sporting CF bulbs.
  • Electronics: computers & screens run energy management software that powers them down if they sit idle for more than a few minutes. This is in addition to actively seeking Energy Star components.
  • Paper reduction: nearly everything we do, from receiving faxes, client communications, research, and even invoicing and taxes are handled electronically. Constant background backups, both onsite and offsite, protect against data loss.
  • Air quality: Heat is delivered quietly and cleanly from efficient radiant floors, and we put on a sweater when it gets really cold. In fine weather, windows are opened. Our office floor is a true linoleum product, which is naturally static-free, eliminating the need for plastic chair pads to protect our electronic equipment. The walls sport low VOC paint.
  • Travel: We offset any business travel by using public transportation wherever possible and by purchasing green tags for all air miles traveled. We feel this is currently the most effective way to send a clear message to a heavily subsidized and petroleum-focused market. Local errands are handled in a fully electric, zero-emissions car that bypasses the pumps altogether.
  • The page you are reading is hosted by an ISP that powers their server farm entirely with solar energy. Their carbon-neutral servers provide us with space for file storage, giving us peace of mind that our data is securely stored offsite, even when the power goes out.


annual CO2 savings

Offset business travel

7500 lbs.

Drive an electric vehicle

4965 lbs.

Eliminate commuting by working at home

2655 lbs.

Purchase green energy

2400 lbs.

Turn down the thermostat by 2 degrees

636 lbs.

Replace 5 60-watt light bulbs with 11-watt CF bulbs

500 lbs.

Install power management software on two computers

480 lbs.

total annual savings

  19,136 lbs.



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